Great place to get your Wood Badge Critter items!

Welcome to Critter Tracks!

We have added a new section in our Leather files. Custom leather belts, holsters, earrings, bracelets and key chains. Order a belt to show off your course.

New this year are bullet creations. Check out the new items.

A family business, creating items for you, to wear, share and/or display.

Scoutmasters and Quartermasters for upcoming Wood Badge courses, contact us about consignment items for your Quartermaster store.

Unfortunately the metal cutting machine has taken a hit (weather can be a problem sometimes) and is not working. At this time we are unable to create any new items out if metal. If you would like to order one of our other metal items, please contact us to make sure that we already have it in stock.

One we hope to be able to fix our machine and be able to create metal items again. We will also be adding some more leather items and some special wood burning items.

Your orders can be made through paypal or sending a money order.